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Hassan Jaffar Pakistani Vloger

Hassan Jaffar
Pakistani vloger hassan jaffar

Hassan jaffar is pakistani Vlogger and Youtuber. He started his carrier as a YouTuber. His said about his life is that as UAOL Hi I’m Hassan Jaffar And this is My Aim of Life,
What is meant By UAOL? I can explain the word” UAOL “Is Derived by Myself
It is stands for “Ultimate Aim Of Life”.
That’s what I mean Ultimate Aim Of Life ,The Reason Why I am saying this because I have a lot of Aims ( Dreams ) in my life,
Life without aim is useless, aimless and pointless. Life is a great blessing of ALLAH. It should be spent on a purpose, with certain aim. Otherwise, there will be no difference between the life of man and that of animals.
Life is olden times was simple. Man had to hunt for food, nothing more. But, now is a different time. We have new challenges to meet. We have new programs to solve. So, one should be ready for all these things. One can face life and its problems with a plan. Without a plan, life would be difficult to lead.
Hassan Jaffar want to become a Filmmaker or Pakistan’s Best Vlogger. The Question is why so. There are many other professions. One can be a Prankster, earning a lot of money. One can be an Roaster, getting thousands of rupees as salary. One can be Reacter, who make reaction video, earning lots of profits. So Why then a Filmmaker or A Vlogger?
I want to become a Filmmaker because I love this profession. Not only that I love it,but also the way it describes the story. I know in these days in our Country Filmmaker and Photographer or Vlogger, that type of profession has no scope. I also know that people don’t think this profession as a great one. They think that Filmmaker are merely Filmmaker, with no high status in life.
This is what I think, I believe. In my opinion, a person who have less Subscribers but have a good experience is better than an illiterate rich man. So, that is why I want to be a Filmmaker Hassan Jaffar This is my aim of life.

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