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How to install applications on Android phone or tablet?

It Is Very Common Question.How to install applications on Android phone or tablet?


1. Set up a phone or tablet:

1.1 In the device menu and select ” Settings ”

1.2.  Next, select the item ” Security ” (in some devices is called “Applications” or “Application Settings”)

1.3.  Near the item ” Unknown sources ” put a tick  ✓

Settings ⇒ Security ⇒ Unknown sources  ✓

2. Installing the file manager:

Go to the Google.Play application from your device and write the name of the file manager in the search, in our case ” ASTRO File Manager “. Install the file manager. You don’t need to go to Play.Google anymore.

3. Downloading applications from sites.

Download any favorite applications from the site to your computer or directly to your phone / tablet.

Attention! It is highly recommended not to download files from unknown sites, as it is likely to download the virus!

If you downloaded the application ( .apk file) to a computer, then you need to:

– connect your phone using a USB cable to the computer

– transfer the installation file from the computer to your phone or tablet

We recommend transferring the application installation files directly to the memory card, since the size of some applications is quite large.

4. Install downloaded applications on your phone or tablet.

Go to the file manager installed in punkt 2, in our case “ASTRO File Manager” and install the downloaded applications one by one.

To install the application you need:

– click on the application icon in the file manager

– click on the install button  .

After installation, the application icon will appear on the desktop of your device.

What Is Android?

Android (Platform) is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Based on the updated Linux kernel and other open source software, it is designed for sensitive touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, Google has developed Android TV for TV, Android Auto for cars, and wear wristwatches for operating systems, each with a special user interface. Android variants are also used in games, digital cameras, computers and other electronic devices.

Developed by Android Inc. , Which was purchased by Google in 2005, Android released in 2007, with the launch of the first Android operating system in September 2008. During the operating system since several major editions, the current version, a 9 “Pie” was released in August 2018. Google released its first beta version of the Android Q Pixel Android smartphone on March 13, 2019. Known as the main source of Android, the Android platform is the Project Android Open (AOSP), which is licensed under the Apache license.

Android is associated with a set of software monopoly that Google has developed, which is called Google service mobile (GMS), which is pre-installed on more devices, which typically includes browser Google Chrome and Google search always include application basically for services such as Gmail, as well as store applications, platforms distributing digital information The Google Play and platform development related to these are allowed by the manufacturer of Android devices certified according to standards set by the application Google, but AOSP be used as a basis of ecosystem development operation system Android, like fire OS of Amazon, which is used in GMS equivalents special.


Android has become the world’s best-selling operating system for smartphones since 2011 and tablet devices since 2013. Starting in May 2017, it has become an additional two million users per month, the largest operating base in any operating system, and in December 2018, Google has a Play Store of over 2.6 million apps.
Andrew’s name and the name of the robot that split the roots of Greek Andros, which means man. Andy Rubin has chosen as a personalized website, and his colleagues have used the Android system as an advance. Eventually, it became the name of the company he founded and the name of the operating system he has developed.

The sooner “Sooner” mode for your phone is running Android operating system
Android was founded in Palo Alto, California in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. Robben describes the Android project as “a great potential for developing smart mobile devices that are knowledgeable about their location and needs.” The main objective of the company is to develop operations are complex system camera digital, and this is the basis for the payment of investors in April 2004. The company then decided to market the camera is not big enough for their goals and five months, turned to try and get work to promote Android system is a system of care The phone compete with Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Robin has trouble attracting investors early, and Android has faced resettlement from his office. Steve Perlman, Robin’s close friend, brought in $ 10,000 in cash in the envelope, and received an unknown amount of money as a pre-requisite. “Berlman has refused to invest in the company.” I did it because I believed it and I needed Andy’s help.

In July 2005, Google bought Android Inc. For at least $ 50 million. Its key staff, including Rubin, Minerals and White, join Google in the purchase segment. Not secretly known about the Android system at the time, with the company providing small data besides making it mobile software. On Google, the team has made Robben the platform for Linux-based mobile devices. Google has marketed mobile phone platforms and service providers to a flexible and growing system promise. Google has developed a suite of hardware components and software partners and I pointed out to operators that they have opened up different levels of collaboration ”


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