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Power Directer


Power Directer App Greetings I welcome this website to this article Thank you very much In this article on this website Today i will give you this article I will tell about such a great application Which you need to use The name of this application is “Power Director” It …

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PICSART App Greetings Welcome to this website and this article Thank you very much for visiting this website and this article Today I will tell you in this article about an app that is in your phone The name of this website is PICSART This app is in your phone …

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Facebook App Greetings welcome you all on my page. First of all thank you for visiting this page. Today amongst the android App Which I have decided to discuss with you is “Facebook”. Days have gone when you have to spend money to communicate with your love ones. now technology …

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Viva video APP

Viva Video

Viva video App Welcome to our website and our article .Today we talk about an application which is full entertainment fun and enjoyment. As you can see a lot of application in play store is available for edits of your videos and pictures which make your pictures more effective and …

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Instagram App


Instagram App Assalam o.alikum! ap ko is wapsite per or is artical per welcome karti hu. Ap ka bht shukariya ada karti hu is wabsite or is artical mai anay ky liya aj ma ap ko is artical mai aise app ky bary mai btaon ge jis ka apky android …

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Tik-Tok App


TikTok APP Welcome to our website and article today we tell you about a very entertaining app which must be in your mobile friends everyone have their own talent and they work hard for it they want to be famous but could not get success Now this is very easy …

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Vitamin A

Definition Of Vitamin: Vitamin A is a non-preserved nutrient organic ingredient consisting of Provitamin, retinal, retinal acid, and many protein-a-carbohydrates (especially beta carotene). More About Vitamin: Vitamin A has multiple functions: it is important for growth and development, for the preservation of the immune system and good vision. The retina …

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Science and the public

Science policy: There is a policy of scientific policy policies that affects scientific processes, to conduct research funds, generally pursuing the purpose of other national policy, technology innovation development, production development, health care and environmental To promote Monitoring. Science policy also shows the application of scientific knowledge and consent for …

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Scientific research

Scientific Research (Scientific Method): Scientific research can be labeled as a basically or applied research. The basic research is that knowledge research and research research is using this knowledge to find solutions to practical issues. Although some scientific research has been applied to research investigations, a big deal of understanding …

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What Is Science?

Science: Science (Latin science, meaning “knowledge”) is a systematic payment that creates and organizes knowledge of the universe’s interpretation and progress. The symptoms of science can be traced to 3500 to 3000 in Christianism to ancient Egypt and Mesopatemia. With their help, mathematics, astronomy and medicine were admitted to the …

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