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Greetings I welcome this website to this article Thank you very much In this article on this website Today i will give you this article I will tell about such a great application Which you need to use The name of this application is “Power Director” It is very amazing In it you can edit your video You have written many applications There are many applications in the Play Store But this very best app You will think How will we use it In today’s article I’ll tell you how to use it Before you download this app from the Play Store Whenever downloaded Will open this So it will have three options
Tutorials. New project. Produced video

1. Tutorials

If you click on this option then You can see the tutorials There are a lot of options in it
2. New project
In this option you Will create new project
3. Produced video
The video you have edited You can also make this produced
To Edit Video You will click on the new project In this option will come the project name You will type the name of the project here Then the option will come Project Aspect There will be two options First option 16:9 Second option 9:16 By selecting one of these options
Then click Ok Then you will have lots of options You will be editing your video If you click the first option then You will go back to the page
If you click the second option then You have Video Option will come If you click on You will come to your video
In this option The picture that you save in your gallery will come
In this option Music is save that will come
3. Layers
Which option if you click on You have four options In which
Title. video . image. sticker
1. Title
If you click on this You have lots title You can select whatever you want
2. Video
In this you can put video on video Can put images on video
3. Image
You know this
4. Sticker
In it you can put a funny sticker Can have lots of stickers Whatever you like Has an option From these you can select
(3) Fx
If you click on this option then You will see that you will get lots of effects. You can make your video more beautiful by putting effects in your video If you click on the option of Get More You will have many more effects
If you click on the arrow marks You will come back Now you will see that Below will be the time In this time line you will create your own video You can cut your video Can make your picture Can put an effect Can any sticker That all It will be within this time lines Now if you click on the option above the setting You will see two options Save project. Produce video
When you’re editing your video, you can Click on Product Video Then you will have a lot of options First option Save to gallery or SD card If you click on this Then you will see that you have three options
1. Full HD
2. HD
3. SD
After clicking on Full HD option Click on the produce option below You will download your video Below are three options If you want to cancel, cancel When the video completes download, OK and Play now option will come You can watch your video by clicking on the option of Play now
If you click on the option of setting then you will get four options.
Audio Mixing. settings. tips. tutorials
Audion mixing
Can make or more sound or audio of background audio
I have already told you about Tips and tutorilas
3.option, you can move your video back and forth
Now I will tell you about video editing How do video editing
The second option given above will click on You will have video gallery and music option Will tell how to cut the video Now play video from the video’s options on the timeline Now you make the video a little further If you click above You will see three options
If you click on the first option then You will find many options in this As
Volume. Rotate. Color. speed. Flip. Reverse. Crop. Duplicate. Tutorials
You can do it more or less of your volume
By clicking this option Change the angle of your picture The way you want
If you click on the option of the You will get many options Select one of these options Change the color of your picture
In which option you Can increase video speed Can also slo Its speed can go up to 8x
You can also fil your picture Meaning that if you look in your video then The place where a person stands Can do it the other way
In this option you can reverse your video
In this option you can group your video
If you have a video To use twice You can also duplicate this video
9. Tutorials
When you open this app You will see the tutorials option You click it Can see a lot of tutorials
(2) cutter
Also has a cutter Option Now you will think How can we use this cutter If you make your video A little further If you click on cutter option then Your video will be cut off from there Then you will make your video a little further Then click on the cutter Your video is locked in three parts The way you can cut your video as much You can put different effects on these three Now you go to the gallery Have to select in a picture If you have to click on the option given below the video, your picture will be there Then you Tilte By clicking on the option Click below the image Now you can put this image in your video
tilte In this option you can write anything. Paste on your picture Now you will edit it inside the text design The way you wrote it, you can do that in the writing, there is an option in it. You can change the color of what you have written You can also give a shadow of what you wrote And its color can also change Hope you find this article All information about Power Director Will understand Power Director is a very good video editing app I hope you have liked today’s article

This post is written by Abdul Wahab Hanif.

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